Making 2015 even BIGGER and BETTER

It’s that time of year where everyone is talking about how they are going to be ‘better’ in 2015 and setting themselves new year’s resolutions that many will not stick to only to set the same resolution year in and year out.

Here were my 2014 Goals:

  1. Have the courage to follow my dreamsIMG_9858
  • Apply to represent Australia in the Triathlon Age Group World Championships – YES!
  • Find a job that allows me to continue loving what I do – YES!
  • Start and finish a PT course to enable me to support and motivate more people in their healthy lifestyle – No (On hold for now but will be done!)
  • Prepare to take t the stage either this year or 2015 for a fitness physique competition – No (Made a conscious decision to focus on triathlon for now)
  1. Push my body to its limitsIMG_9857
  • Sunshine Coast Half Ironman – YES
  • Sub 2 hour Half Marathon – No (Not attempted – although completely doable with the times I am now running)
  • Plan my racing schedule to include lots of new races – Yes? (Injury forced me out of much of the 2014 triathlon season – although some new races/events were done including Mooloolaba and Endeavour 500km)
  • Try Crossfit – No (Still want to try!)
  • Increase my training intensity – Yes!  (Definitely done with the help of Fitnance SBR)
  • Do much more yoga- increase my flexibility- Not really  ( More was done but not as much as I would have liked!)
  1. Leave my footprints in this world
    • Love my job and give my all to my patients, their family & my students – YES
    • Continue to inspire and promote the MBST message- Yes
    • Work hard to raise a record amount for the Ride to Conquer Cancer – Unfortunately no (My involvement in the World Champs meant I had to pull out of RTCC for 2014, will be back in 2015)
    • Practice kindness and positivity every day- I hope I achieved this one!

So I obviously didn’t tick off everything on that list for 2014 , but the things I did achieve were massive achievements that I previously would have never dreamed possible! My 2014 highlights were as follows:


  • Having the courage not to settle for comfort
  • Qualifying to represent Australia at the ITU world Champs
  • Going on my first solo overseas holiday- to Canada
  • Racing for Australia in Canada and finishing the race despite injury forcing me to swim, ride and run with one arm
  • Finishing my first half ironman and finding my passion in long distance racing
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone and joining a group of (awesome) strangers to run for 3 days in EXTREME heat!

2014 was hands down the best year I can remember, so can 2015 possibly beat it!? I hope so and here is what I am going to try and achieve! Its going to be a busy year

  1. Have the courage to follow my dreams and take chancesbf889d33f14e56cf45ea8e8441f3373d
    • Sit my Australian College of Veterinary Scientists Membership Examinations in Small Animal Internal Medicine
    • Prepare to qualify for 2016 ITU OD and 70.3 World Champs
    • Start my quest for Kona qualification
  2. Push my body to its limits
    • Stay healthy and injury free
      • More Yoga/Stretching
      • More strength work and core work
      • Keep regular dates with my physio
      • More Massages
      • Eat to fuel my training- keep it nuritious
  • More long distance racesIMG_9904
    • 3 Half Distance Races  – HOTW (hopefully), Tweed Enduro, Sunshine Coast 70.3
    • First Ironman- IMWA
    • Officially break 2hr HM time
    • Olympic Distance Tri PB
    • First Full Marathon
  1. Leave my footprints in this world
    • Volunteer at more races and give back to the community
    • Continue to be the best vet, mentor and teacher I can be
    • Grow MBST to further spread inspiration to others to change their lives in sustainable ways
    • Make RTCC 2015 the biggest ever fundraising year for our team
    • Stay positive and practice kindness and understanding every day

  One thought on “Making 2015 even BIGGER and BETTER

  1. Bb
    January 5, 2015 at 11:25 am

    Not trying to be rude but with your qualifying time how did you get to worlds…is it just based on who applies or something?

    • January 6, 2015 at 8:08 pm

      Bb thanks for your question. Yes its based on my qualifying time/points ranked against the others in my age group who applied. Im just an average person who went after my dream and it paid off.

  2. January 8, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    Wow you are incredible! What an awesome list of achieved goals for the year. You rock!

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