Finding My Mojo

So, yesterday a friend from work discovered my blog and passed comment (in a somewhat negative way) about how positive it is. Now I took no offence to this comment, I love sharing positive and uplifting messages with MBSTers, but the comment did come at an interesting time…a time when I was lacking my usual mojo. With my 2 HUGE goals for the year done and dusted (in one way (or one arm) or another!), I have felt a little lost. This combined with limitations in what I can currently do due to my injuries, meant that I have struggled to get myself out and training in some way or another. My instructions from my physio was to get back in the pool for swimming- but no paddle or pull buoy work (as we don’t want to place too much load on my shoulder) and I can go for short runs with no hills. These limitation not only make it tricky to do sessions that fit these criteria, but also make training somewhat less appealing than it usually is to me. I have/had lost my training mojo.


For months I have had my 2015 planned out. Post Sunshine Coast 70.3, I was going to get back into weight training and aim to hit the fitness stage in May, before transitioning my training to marathon training in the lead up to my Ironman goal for 2016. I still love this plan, but post my half ironman high I realised I wanted to do some more long distance races. But without having decided on which long courses to do in 2015, I suddenly felt I had lost those goal posts I always have to work towards. I am a very goal orientated person, and without goals on specific dates I felt I had lost my purpose.


bf889d33f14e56cf45ea8e8441f3373dThis afternoon, without permission from my physio, I decided what I needed most was a gym session. Lifting weights has always been the first step in finding my mojo. Im not sure if it’s the endorphins, the DOMS or the feeling of strength and health, that lifting brings to me- but within half an hour I was already feeling much more grounded and focussed. I didn’t push myself hard in the gym, and started with the lightest weights I have used in years. But it felt great! My mission to find my mojo continued post workout as I started to look through all the #IMKona images on Instagram. This is my ultimate goal, it always has been, but has always felt out of reach.But tonight I set myself my ultimate mission- to do everything I can to get fit and fast enough to qualify for Kona by 2020. There is a long journey ahead, full of A LOT of hard work, but I will make this dream come true and I will race with the best of the best in the race that all triathletes dream of! Bring on #Kona2020 and the journey that will lead me there.



I wanted to share this with you all, as proof that I too lack motivation and my mojo at times. Sometimes I struggle to get out of bed and smash out whatever training session I had planned- and sometimes I just don’t do it. I am by no means perfect, I am no different to you. What I need to keep me going is goals- and as you know I am all about if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything. So for now I have my big goals for the next 24 months….I just need to set some small goals in between these to keep me going and get me there. These will be along the lines of getting into the gym a few times a week, setting a new 5km PB, setting some new sprint and Olympic distance race PBs, joining a cycling club and getting on my bike more (once my injuries allow me). This year has been amazing, and I can’t wait to see what the next 2 years will bring!


If you need some more tips about how to set some goals or find that time to live your best life check out my previous post Are You Too Busy for You.

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