Focus on your fit! #selflove

I have been thinking alot about this blog post over the last 24 hours, and although it is a very slow and frustrating process for me to type this out at the moment with only one arm fully functional (appologies in advance for any spelling/grammar errors), it was something that I haven’t been able to get out of my mind.

As those of you who follow my facebook page would know, my mother recently started doing parkrun! I am so excited by this news and can’t wait to have the opportunity to do one with her. Yesterday was her second parkrun (at which she PBed!!), but when I found an awesome photo of her crossing the finish line all she could see was ‘pain’ and ‘fat’. This made me so sad- she had just finished 5kms in a PB time and better than that she had got out of bed on a cold Saturday morning to do it. To me the picture was great- yes she looked like she had worked hard to get to that finish line, but she looked fit, fabulous and like she had achieved something. Now don’t get me wrong, I have had these same thoughts upon looking at MANY of my race photos – but it wasn’t until yesterday I realised how awful it is for us to have these thoughts when looking at photos from some of our great accomplishments!

Do you remember 2 years ago when this picture became an internet sensations?

Do you remember what this guy was dubbed???


That’s right….The worlds most photogenic runner!


So, surely if we were all meant to look our very best when out pushing our bodies to the limits, this photo would have never made the headlines. Photos like these would be an every day occurence that fill our facebook or instagram feeds. So why when we look at our race photos do we expect perfection? Why do we focus on searching for flaws- be it a red face, a pained expression, or an ‘out of place’ fat roll? Why can’t we instead appreciate the photo for what it is- a memento of a fantastic achievement. A reminder of a time when we got out of bed or off our butts to set out to achieve a personal best. For this is exactly what they are! So next time you are reviewing your race photos- love and cherish them for they capture exactly what your wonderful body is capable of (red face, fat roll, or not!)

My challenge to you! Share on facebook, instagram or twitter your least photogenic race photo with the hashtags #fitbutnotphotogenic and #selflove

Here is some of mine!

0655_41359 0655_23422 0655_06140and they are all from the same race which also gave me my most photogenic photo!

10151151_10152337064659108_1090171166_nIf I can find the even more horrendous ones from city2south I will post these on FB & Instagram too!


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