Journey 2 Edmonton- Week 4-12

So 7 weeks have passed since my last training update about my journey to the World Age Group Triathlon Championships (which are in 7 weeks time!!). The last 7 weeks have been less that perfect (and definitely not as planned) – this is particularly true of the last 2-3 weeks during which very minimal training has been done thanks to a combination of injury, bridesmaid commitments and then finally a bout of tonsilitis this week. Maybe this is exactly what I needed as I’m now dying to get back out there and give it my all for the next 7 weeks (over 2 of which will be in Canada before the race!). As the race approaches, I’m approaching peak levels of both excitement and nervousness. I’m feeling so excited to see Canada, to race in another and to represent our great country (the last part I’m still struggling to come to terms with!) and then  the more I think about it the more nervous I get- will I be ready? will I come last? what should I expect?

So what have I been up to over the last 7 weeks- I will try and remember as much as possible!

bad day

Week 4

Wednesday Spin Bike Set

10mins warm up
8 x 1 min one leg cycling
10 x 20sec sprint/10 sec recovery
5mins/4min/3min/2min/1min/2min/3min/4min/5min race pace efforts with 1 min recovery.
5 mins cool down and stretch

Sunday 33/29 minute negative split – 11.58kms. This was my first planned negative split run and I reallly struggled to keep at an easy pace for the first 33 minutes so that I could make it back in the planned time (I think from memory the aim was 33/27…as you can see- that didn’t happen!) But it was a great idea and made me really focus on my pace and maintaining an effort I could sustain and increase from.

(I don’t remember any otgarminher session that week- I think there were some but I’m not certain. I know there have been a few swim sessions over the last few months where I forgot my Garmin- that means they don’t count right?!)



Week 5

Monday  I was so proud of making it too the pool for a swim this day! I had forgotten my towel, which after a long day at work when I really didn’t feel like swimming would have usually been the perfect excuse not to go! But I didn’t let that excuse fly and I got in and did the following set.

200m swim
200m (50 catch up drill/50 swim)
200m (50 swim/25 scull/25 kcik on stomach)
200m (50 stroke/side kick/25 left arm/25 right arm)
4 x 50m (25 Hard/ 25 easy) 30 sec rest
100 easy.
400m (100 pull/100 kick)

river runFriday Evening River Run 6km

The day before the Hen’s party (which preparations for kept me VERY busy all week) I was staying in the city and couldn’t resist the opportunity for a quick little run along the river! It was such a beautiful evening!

pol dancingSaturday- Pole Dancing and then dancing the night away….that counts right!?
Today was my best friends Hen’s party and to be honest there was way too much food and champagne consumed …the pole dancing and dancing the night away wouldn’t have even come close to burning off those calories. When we got home we collapsed and decided we were far to old for those kind of festivities!



Week 6

Tuesday 4km Fartlek Run

After a protracted recovery from the Hen’s party (I have definitely lost my drinking and staying up late fitness!) it was time to get back into it with a fartlek session. It was the first time I had ever done a fartlek session and it was pretty fun!

fartlek30m Run (5WU)2x90s hard/90s easy3x60s hard/60s easy4x30s hard/30s easy4x 15s hard/15s easy5min WD


hillsThursday 13km of hill climbing on bike in morning. Then 5.5km Ladder Run that afternoon.

Thursdays are often my day off work- which means I can usually squeeze in double training sessions. I set off to do 13km of hill repeats on my bike in the morning and followed that up with a 5km Ladder Run that evening. Another fun run training technique I hadn’t tried before. Check out the set below:

10mins easy
5/4/3/2/1 min TT with 60 sec easy jog inbetween
5mins easy jog recovery
repeat 5/4/3/2/1 efforts
5mins cool down


gatton parkrunSaturday Gatton Park Run- a 5km and parkrun PB with at time of 24:44

After a Friday night shift…I decided to make my way to Gatton parkRun (just a short drive down the road from my work) at the end of my shift. I was absolutely stoked to get a 5km and parkRun PB of 24:44 on a chilly morning after minimal sleep! AND set a Strava Course Record (which unfortunately has since been beaten)

course record

Sunday Spin Bike Intervals 6 x 15min intervals @ Race Pace

Week 7

Monday Steady 10km Run 1:03:48 (with hills)

A public holiday meant I could fit in a long run on a non weekend day! Win! Ended up doing my 10km around my home- which meant plenty of hills (and a slower time!).

Then as I thought I was done for the day- I was challenged to a spin bike set by fellow triathletes Hannah and Tania (also on their journey2edmonton. These ladies have a fantastic FB page Midlife Crisis Triathlon Mums – Check it out! This set HURT!!


Tuesday 1km Swim Time Trial 20:43

Thursday 20km Hilly Ride in morning then Treadmil intervals that afternoon

futureworldchampAnother Thursday off started with a huge boost of inspiration after finding this package in my letterbox- which gave me just the motivation I needed for a very hilly 20km ride!

Then in the afternoon I smashed out the following set on the treadmill at the gym. The PT at the gym even came over to ask what I was training for as I was apparently ‘smashing it’!

10min warm up jog
8min, 2x4min, 2x2min efforts
repeat  in reverse
10 min cool down jog
1-2min walk in between

Friday Weights session at home 🙂

city2southSunday City2South

It was time to PB at City2South on Sunday. This run started for the first time last year, when I did the course in 1:24:48. It was a gorgeous Brisbane morning but unfortunately I paid the price for my weights session on Friday- seriou hamstring cramping with the uphills! Still took an almost 9 minutes off my time with an official time of 1:15:53! Stoked and can’t wait to see how I go next year without the cramping!



Week 8

Origin runWednesday 12km Treadmill Run (2x5km,1x2km) during 1st half of origin






Thursday 3hr Spin Bike session


Saturday Gatton Park Run- NEW 5km and ParkRun PB 24:28

16 seconds off my 5km PB this morning at Gatton parkrun! Stoked with my time. 24:28- 11th overall, 3rd female and first in my age group. Was in about 6th place until a group of boys gained on me on the last lap – damn boys and their competitive streaks!


Sunday Brick Session 10km Run, 40km Ride

sandageThis morning I headed down to the gorgeous Sandgate foreshore for a solo reverse brick session followed by breakfast with my mum. Started out with a 10km run – during which I had serious issues with shin spints particularly around the 5km mark. Then headed off on a 40km ride to scarborough and back. Such a gorgeous part of the city and a perfect place to train!





Week 9

This was a busy week for me in the lead up to my best friends wedding- and as such very little training was done.

Monday Swim

Got out of work on time today so used the few hrs before I start my on call shift wisely- I went swimming. 2.5km down when I really wasn’t feeling it.

weddingRest of the week was taken up with wedding preparation. I think I squeezed in some upper body work but apart from that very little was done in the way of training between a busy week at work and appointments for tan, hair, nails etc.


Week 10

And so the training just continued downhill from the wedding. After a week of minimal training, a weekend of bad food… I had lost my mojo! I know I squeezed at least one swim in this week (2.5kms on Monday) and a spin bike set in on the Thursday. But apart from that very little was done. I then woke up on the Sunday with a head cold and non stop sneezing which meant my planned brick session at Sandgate foreshore didn’t happen. I did try a 5km run along the river on Sunday afternoon after lunch…which lets just say was a bad idea according to my GI system.

Week 11

Then comes last week where hoping I was over the head cold I had great plans for a week of hard training. I worked Tuesday night and had my gym stuff packed to squeeze in a session- unfortuantely during my very busy shift I realised this head cold was maybe a little more than that and I had tonsilitis and NO ENERGY! So the rest of this week has been spend in bed recouperating…and this morning I’m finally starting to feel a little better. Tonsils have settled. Energy levels are returning. Just need to get rid of this sniffle in the hope I can conquer the 10km loop of Mt Cootha tomorrow with Sky Run. Onwards and Upwards from here!

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