Running on the Wall

This blog post has been a long time in the making, but I am so happy to finally have the time to sit down and write it and get the word out about some of the brilliant products from Running on the Wall. I was so excited when the ladies from Running on the Wall contacted me via my facebook page to offer to send me some of their products for a review. My appologies ladies for the delay in the review but I did absolutely love the pieces you sent me!

For those that don’t know, the one thing I do collect in my life if my race bibs. I love to keep them as a memento of the races I do and my achievements on the day. Unfortunately, up until this point I have struggle do display them in a nice way and most recently they had ended up in a messy pile on my gym room floor. I had contemplated sticking them to the wall, but I knew as soon as Running on the Wall contacted me, my solution was on its way. I was so excited when the parcel arrived and even more excited to see it contained both a bib hanger and a medal hanger (which made me determined to find more races that hand out medals- I have one next weekend in fact!). The items come flat packed but it is very easy to screw the hooks into the holes and get your achievements displayed on the wall nice and quickly. Unfortunately being in a rental property means we are very low on hanging space, but both my displays are now sitting on a bench in my gym room , proudly displaying my race bibs and minimal medals and motivating me when I’m working hard on the spin bike or doing weights. Even more importantly- its tidied things up beautifully!


I need more medals!!

I need more medals!!

But running on the wall don’t only make an awesome array of race medal/bib holders, but also sell other great accessories including arm warmers, stickers, shirts and water bottles. You must go check out these unique products on their website , facebook page or etsy account! I can’t recommend highly enough as a way to reward yourself for all your hard work!

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