Journey2Edmonton Week 1-3

One month ago yesterday I received the exciting news that I had qualified to represent Australia in the World Age Group Triathlon Championships in Edmonton later this year. One month on and I still feel the need to pinch myself when I say or type this. I cannot believe that this is my life- it’s so far from where I ever thought I would be and I LOVE it! So, upon hearing this news, I figured it was time to get serious about training and I didn’t have the faintest idea about how to balance training for the sprint distance tri in Edmonton and the 70.3 Ironman 2 weeks later at the Sunshine Coast. Determined to finish both and do the best I could, I employed the help of the Fitnance SBR crew. Mel from Fitnance SBR was excited to help me reach my goals and got to work formulating a training plan to help me reach my goals and fit around my work commitments. I was so excited when my first 2 weeks training schedule came through and it has been great to have the plan all laid out for me again. Takes me back to my 12wbt days where I just had to get up and do as I was told. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do every training session, but I have done my best to stick with the plan or work it so it fits around my schedule and I am already seeing the benefits in my swimming and running speed and fitness. So what has week 1 to 3 entailed? Well there has been a mix between endurance and intervals for all 3 legs and some weight training (YAY!!) squeezed in as well. The best part- being told when I have to swim has made me much more likely to get to the pool and get swimming (well that and not wanting to come last in Edmonton!). I also ordered myself a Garmin 910xt GPS HRM training watch- which I am absolutely in LOVE with and is making my training even more rewarding 🙂

Week 1
Week one started with my weakest leg- a swim session on Monday. Unfortunately due to time restrictions before work from when the pool opens I struggled to finish the whole session but did myself to get some of each of the sets out. I completed:
400m warm up
6 x 100m
2 x 200m
400m pull buoy
200m cool down

Complete session or not it was the furthest I had swam in quite some time and really struggled mentally with the transition to a 25m pool- you really feel like you have swam much further than you have!


Tuesday was a scheduled weight session so I took the opportunity to fit in a gym session before my night shift and loved every second!


I’ll be honest. Wednesdays session was painful. It was my first spin/windtrainer session where I didn’t just do what I felt like and it pushed me to my limits!
10min warm up
6 x 1 min (1 leg cycling)
10 x 10s sprints
4 x 5mins @ race tempo with added gears
10 x 40 sec sprints
5 min cool down


I didn’t get out of work until after 9pm on this day and as such this wasn’t my best sprint interval session ever but I did get out there and do some. I had 8 x 400m sprints scheduled and probably did only 6-8 200m sprints but at 9pm at night that in itself was an achievement!


Second swim session of the week was again cut short due to pre work time restrictions.
200m warm up
600m, 200m HARD
4 x 50m FAST
200m cool down

For today I had a 5km time trial scheduled but this was after a 20min warm up jog. This warm up idea seemed to be a common theme over the week, but was a concept that was completely foreign to my cardio training previously. I’m yet to be convinced it helps me push myself harder through the work sets but at the end of the day it’s all extra kilometres under my belt! Due to the lack of a flat course around my place, my official time trial results were 26.44.

Sunday was a scheduled long ride with hills, but due to a sleep in and still being a little scared of heading out for a long ride in light of recent events I ended up doing 1.5hrs on the spin bike. After looking at the Edmonton course profile, I definitely need to get out and climb some hills soon!

Week 2

Monday I had another swim session scheduled for this day, which didn’t get done due to relying on lifts too and from work meant I was unable to get to the pool. To be honest I can’t remember what, if any training did get done on this day! Bad start to week 2!

Tuesday My Garmin arrived on Monday, which meant that regardless of my scheduled rest day I couldn’t resist a test run with my new toy. So I set off on a 4km run before work- it was great to be able to have my pace information on hand at any point in time and definitely allowed my to push myself that little bit more!


Wednesday It was time to get back on that spin bike for another killer session! I cannot believe how much these sessions make me sweat! It may be painful during but it’s alwasy worth it once its done!
10min warm up
6 x 1min one-leg drills
10x15sec sprints
3 x 1min, 2min, 3min, 2min, 1min
5 min cool down
It was lucky I worked out so hard this day as I went and indulged in indian for dinner- yum!

Thursday It was my birthday on this day and whilst I really did have every intention of smashing out my sprint interval after work, it was decided late in the day that some people from work were taking me to dinner. Alas no training was done on my birthday and there was a little too much indulgence!

Friday Another swim session missed for the week- naughty naughty! I really struggled to get my butt out of bed in the very cold dark morning! This must stop- but proof I am human and also have days where I am lacking motivation.

I had 2 events already scheduled to celebrate my birthday weekend and thus the weekend was a deviation from my training plan. On Saturday I completed my first obstacle course with my sister and a friend- it certainly was an experience and I’m still deciding if it is something I want to do again. We will see if there is a tough mudder in my future. Whilst I was doing it I couldn’t believe my life had changed so much that I had paid to crawl through mud for my birthday- what happened to a night out dancing and drinking?! All in all it was a great day – especially once we were home, warm and clean!

Sunday started with the Mother’s Day Classic, a 8km run along the Brisbane river to raise money for breast cancer research and it was the perfect start to the day. My amazing sister managed to stay only 40 seconds behind me despite only starting running earlier this year. She will be overtaking me before I know it- those damn long legs! After the run we headed up north for a picnic lunch with my mum, aunty and cousins for Mother’s day. My young cousins just wanted to run around the park. I was well and truly exhausted by the time I got home that afternoon!

Week 3

I took a rest day on Monday despite it not being scheduled as my scheduled sesssion was a 50 minute run, which I felt I had well and truly achieved the day before.

Tuesday Finally made it back into the pool before my night shift on Tuesday. 2km session consisting of 400m warm up, 5 x 200, 5 x 100 and 100m cool down. First session recorded on my Garmin too- which was very exciting and keeps me honest!

That time of the week again to sweat it out and curse my spin bike. I know these sessions are making me stronger and therefor I persist!
10 min warm up
8 x 1 min one leg (these seriously hurt!!)
10 x 20 sec sprints
5min, 4min, 3min, 2min, 1min, 2min, 3min, 4min, 5min at race pace
5 minute cool down

Finally my sprint intervals got done! I headed to the campus gym after work and smashed out the intervals on the treadmil ( 6 x 3 min @ 12km/hr + warm up and cool down jog)

Friday Pre work swim session again that was limited by time and I forgot my Garmin 😦
400m warm up
600m, 200m HARD
4 x 50m
100 cool down

brick trainingWeek 3 was finished with a truly tough double brick session. 2 x 40 minutes on spin bike (approx 20km) followed by 5km runs. Glad when it was over!

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