Queensland Sprint Championships- Race Report

On the weekend I raced my second every sprint distance Triathlon- 12 months on from my first and at the same race. They couldn’t have been 2 more different days for me! Not to mention the last time I raced at this location for the Moreton Bay Triathlon (which was a complete disaster from start to finish). I was pumped for this race- although as with my last race at Mooloolaba  I wasn’t quite as prepared as I would usually be- but despite this when my alarm went off at 3am I jumped up and was excited for my day ahead. Maybe a small factor of my ability to jump out of bed well before sunrise on a Sunday morning was also the fact I was allowing myself Oats for breakfast (having been low carb for over 3 weeks) and they were ready and waiting for me in the fridge! Whatever it was I was up and it was time to rush around and get all the final touches ready before I hopped in the car and joined what seems to always turn into a convoy of triathletes with their bikes on the way to the race. By 5:30 I was registered and was racking my bike, and as usual still had a bit of a wait before my start at 7:30.  As the sun rose, it proved what a beautiful day it was going to be. The water was glass, there was no sign of jelly fish and the sky was clear and blue. It was a truly gorgeous morning. I headed over to my club tent for a catch up with fellow team mates and was fortunate enough to meet some new people who are also followers of the MBST facebook page (was so nice to put faces to names!). The race had been made wetsuit legal due to the jelly fish issues at the previous race in September, as I looked around I saw many people trying to squeeze into their wetsuits. I needed to decide whether to don mine or not- the only reason I had brought it was for jelly fish protection and from all accounts it seemed there weren’t any out there. I decided to risk it- I really don’t enjoy swimming in my wetsuit (although that is probably a factor of not having had enough opportunities to practice in it).  Before I knew it, it was time to head over and listen to the race briefing before the female waves started.

The swim start was a shallow water start, which on a boat jetty makes for a bunch of girls trying desperately to tread water and not touch the gross seaweed/slime that is below their feet for the 5 minutes before the start siren goes.  The start of the swim was the roughest I have had yet- I obviously hadn’t positioned myself well enough to avoid the turmoil and when 30+ girls are trying to swim around a corner within seconds of the starting it resulted in lots of swimming over the top of me or multiple kicks including a nice whack to the jaw with someones foot (I wasn’t quite sure I wasn’t going to be bleeding) so I tried to hang back a little and let the chaos move ahead of me before trying to find a rhythm. Knowing this was a shorter swim than I have had to do in a race for a long time I really tried to keep a pace and push myself. Usually I just fall into a nice steady rhythm, but rather I tried to pace myself off the swimmers in front of me. As we reached the straight of the swim I found myself pretty much alone in the mid pack with the good swimmers in front of me and the others behind. There was one or two others from my age group around and I think we all just used each other to keep the pace. With the sun straight ahead, sighting of the bouys wasn’t particularly easy and there was lots of veering off course. As we approached the three quarter mark, we seemed to catch the tail end of the previous wave and it felt good to be over taking people in the swim (this RARELY happens for me on any leg but especially the swim). Finally it was time to turn and head into the shore. Due the tides it was quite shallow, and so it made for a long run through water before it was time to run to transition and start the bike leg.

The run to transition felt good, shoes were on and after a few mouthfuls of water and good blows of my nose (which seemed to want to produce waterfalls of seawater) I was off onto the bike leg. As usual my hamstrings felt a little tight and tired to begin with, particularly with the initial uphill of the Hornibrook bridge, and I was concerned about maintaining my goal pace. However by the turn around at about 2kms, I was feeling good and ready to blast out the rest of the 2 laps. I was feeling strong and again was managing to overtake many on the bike leg. On the last lap, a fellow team member and friend overtook me as I once again struggled up the slight hill of the bridge (really must look at getting my cleats fitted and spending more time on my bike)- it was just the motivation I needed to keep on pushing and get back to transition for the run.

With bike racked, it was off onto the run leg. Initially I felt slow but eventually found a good pace that I was able to maintain in between reaching the water station. I walked the water station each time and then took off at a hard pace to get through the 2 laps of the run. Running past the South Bank Triathlon Club tent was great- usually due to my incognito Soas Tri Suit- I manage to avoid notice of my fellow club mates, but on Sunday they cheered my name and high fived me on my 2 laps past them (and encouraged me on to get back to them for a muffin). It was fantastic to have a group of people backing me, especially as I had come to race that day by myself – it gave me exactly what I needed to finish the race strong and that’s exactly what I did. As I turned to head to the finish line I realised just how hard I had pushed myself and I was unable to do my usual sprint home- I was spent and just continued on at the pace I was going. Boy was I glad to cross that finish line and catch my breath. What a great race- I was so proud of my effort!

Overall I came 9th in my age group with a time of 1:32:47- which was slightly slower than expected but I knew I couldn’t have done any better.  My downfall it seems was my swim, even though I felt like I was going fast- it was actually 3 minutes slower than my race on the same course 12 months earlier. There are rumors that the swim course was longer than 750m – but I cannot confirm this. I am very stoked with my run time for a triathlon and I am pretty sure my cycle leg was about what I expected with transition included.  Now to see what happens on the 18th April 😀

Split Name
Leg Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Swim 00:20:12 294 10 104
Cycle 00:45:44 312 12 101
Run 00:26:51 281 10 91




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