Live for Today, Train for Tomorrow!


A little somber blog post ahead but I feel the message within is so important. One month ago today I came far to close to losing my sister after a terrible accident at work. It is nothing short of a miracle that my best friend is still here with us and will make a full recovery. Despite fracture to 13 of her vertebrae, my beautiful sister (J) sustained no neurological damage and had her previous strength and fitness working on her side by avoiding surgery! Having heard the story of what happened on that night so many times I can honestly say the J is still with us and walking because of her both physical and mental strength. She is nothing short of a super hero in my and many of her friends and family’s eyes. J was able to hold herself up for what must have seemed like eternity to avoid what would have surely been a fatal injury, and her strength has continued to help greatly with her mobility through recovery. But what is one of the things J missing most has she travels through the long road to recovery?! Training!
So what’s my point? Get out there and do now what one day you may not be able to! Don’t use the excuse of life is too short why waste it training or eating clean. Yes life is awfully short and terrifyingly fragile but if you do these things now you may well live a long, healthy and strong life! The training you do today may one day save your or a loved ones life- what better incentive do you need?

For my superhero- today & every day until you are recovered I will train/race for you! You are, and always have been, my inspiration for the life I now live and in my eyes you are the most extraordinary person alive! I love you! Rest up- the future ahead is bright and full of life x


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